Low Noise Wideband Amplifier with SPF-5122Z High IP3 VLNA 2m13

  • Low Noise Wideband Amplifier with SPF-5122Z High IP3 VLNA 2m13

Low Noise Wide band Amplifier with SPF-5122Z High IP3 VLNA 2m13

The VLNA 2m13 achieves less than 0.6dB noise figure from 50MHz to 1296MHz. Real advantage of low noise preamplifier VLNA 2m13 is its impressive dynamic range. Low noise amplifier VLNA 2m13 is a broadband and this means that if it is going to be connected directly to an antenna it may be necessary to use a low loss input filter to reject the strongest out of band signals. If you are nearby strong FM or TV transmitter.

Band Pass Filters

VLNA SPF-5122Z 2m13 Specifications:
50 MHz, G=26 dB, NF=0.6 dB.
144 MHz, G=25 dB, NF=0.5 dB.
432 MHz, G=22 dB, NF=0.4 dB.
1296 MHz, G=15 dB, NF=0.6 dB.
2304 MHz, G=10 dB, NF=0.8 dB.
IP3 > 30 dBm.
Power consumption +12 V / 90 mA.
Connectors: "N" Male / Female.
Measured data:
Wideband pramplifier VLNA 2m13 with SPF-5122Z:
It is intended to direct connection with coaxial relay like CZX-3500. To achieve lowest possible losses without any additional coaxial cable. It will insure lowest possible NF (Noise Figure) for terrestrial and EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications.
Low noise preamplifier VLNA 2m13 is small enough to not to interfere with big central "N" connector like on Ecoflex ® 15 cable.
Finished preamplifiers:
What others say about Bandpass filters and preamplifiers.
"LNA test: Two LNA have the same behavior. Gain at 144MHz 25.96 dB, NF 0.68, LNA only Gain 25.73 dB, NF 0.88 dB, LNA + filter. Results seems cosistent and confirm the 0.2 dB loss of the filter.
-1db compression point happened with -3dBm input signal level."
73 Franco I2FAK"
"Many thanks, good news today all staff well arrived ! I made DUTs on test this PM to the VNA HP 8510C and to the noise analyzer, congratulations all specs are very well respected ! NF it is a bit better 0.28dB on 144MHz, for the others bands as you say.
73's Sylvain F6CIS"
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