2m 144 MHz Power Splitter Divider 4-Way 0.5 wl Long

  • 2m 144 MHz Power Splitter Divider 4-Way 0.5 wl Long

144 MHz 4-Port Power Divider Combiner for 2m Band 1/2 wl.

Divide - Combine four antennas in "H" Configuration. 0.5 wl length will be useful to shorten coaxial cables.

2m-144mhz-power-splitter-4-port 0.5wl Long version

5 x "N" connector.
Input return loss better than -30 dB.
Maximum power input 1.5 kW.

144 MHz Power Spliter Divider. Measured SWR. Excellent LOW SWR on 144.1 MHz (EME frequencies) less than 1.04.

144mhz-power-splitter-4-way SWR

2m power Combiner 1/2 wl. Measured Return Loss. Excellent Results.

2m-144mhz-power-splitter-4-port Return Loss RL

2 meters Power Divider - Combiner picture.
2m Power-Splitter 4-Way 0.5wl Long
Another version of label for 144 MHz - 146 MHz - 148 MHz splitter. Measured SWR less than 1.04.
144MHz Power Splitter-4-Way-05wl-Long

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