EME3-50 MHz Band-Pass Filter with Low Noise Preamplifier 1500W T/R Relay

  • EME3-50 MHz Band-Pass Filter with Low Noise Preamplifier 1500W T/R Relay

50 MHz - 54 MHz High Selectivity Low Loss Band Pass Filter with PGA-103+ Low Noise Preamplifier and 1500W QRO Transmit-Receive Relay EME3-50

In the box embedded High Q, Super Low Loss Band-pass FilterPGA-103+ Wide-Band Low Noise Amplifier and QRO relay.

EME3-50-MHz-High-Q-Low-Loss-Bandpass-Filter-Amplifier-50-54MHz-with-PGA-103+Very-Low-Noise-Preamplifier-1500W T/R Relay Made by antennas-amplifiers.com

This combination consists of three devices:

Receive gain:
7.1 MHz < -59 dB
14.15 MHz = -41 dB
21.2 MHz = -30 dB
28.4 MHz = - 20 dB
50 MHz =+26.6dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-10dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
51 MHz =+26.6dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-10dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
52 MHz =+26.7dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-12dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
54 MHz =+26.9dB, NF=0.8 dB, Input RL-16dB, IP3out > 36 dBm
Harmonics and interfering signals:
70.2 MHz = -6 dB
88 MHz= -27 dB
98 MHz= -35 dB
108 MHz= -40 dB
144.1 MHz = -42 dB
Power consumption +12 V, 220 mA
Input RL: <= -40 dB, Insertion loss: 0.03 dB
Maximum power input at SWR: 
1:1 = 1500 W; 1:1.5 = 1100 W; 1:2 = 800 W; 1:3 = 600 W

EME3-50 6m High Selectivity, High Q, Low Loss Bandpass Filter with PGA-103+ Very Low Noise Preamplifier and 1500W T/R Relay Schematic:
6m-EME-Low-Loss-Bandpass-Filter-with-PGA-103+Preamplifier-1500W T/R Relay Schematic
Energised on receive (+12V). 0V Transmit.

Versions of product:
1. With "N" connectors. Listed price.
2. With 7/16 DIN Antenna and TX IN connector. "N" connector on RX OUT. Listed price + 20 EUR

Outdoor version:
All the options above can be made for Outdoor mounting and it is + 6 EUR. For that you will receive:
1. EME 3 50 - 54 MHz High selectivity, High Q, Low Loss Band-pass Filter with pre-amplifier and Transmit / Receive Relay.
2. Special "Plastic Box - DB" with IP63 standard (Resistant to Rain, Wind and UV)
3. Mast mounting clamp for plastic boxes. U-Bolt with serrated saddle for up to 50 mm pipe. Two of them.

Measured results with HP8753ES network analyzer full two port calibrated:
EME3-50 Measured gain
EME 3-50 Band Pass filter with PGA103+ Preamplifier and T/R relay Measured HF:
50 MHz - 54 MHz Low Loss Bandpass Filter For Tropo - EME with PGA-103+ Preamplifier 1500W T/R "Zoomed":
50 - 54 MHz 6m Bandpass Filter with PGA-103+ Zoomed Made By antennas-amplifiers.com
6m Low Loss Bandpass EME-Tropo Filter with PGA-103+ Preamplifier 1500W T/R Relay Measured Attenuation Harmonics:
50MHz Band pass filter with PGA-103+ preamplifier 1500W T/R relay measured insertion loss and return loss on transmit side.
50MHz Low Loss Band pass Filter with PGA103+ Measured Transmit Insertion Loss Return Loss S21 and S11 Made By antennas-amplifiers.com

Designed to be used with transceivers with separate RX antenna input connector.

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We are also making filters on all frequencies and powers. Even if we don't have an offer on our site, we may be able to make it for you. So feel free to contact us.
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