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Very solid, easy to assembly PA5070-15-9BGP

50MHz and 70MHz Dual-Band Yagi Antenna PA5070-15-9BGP On the Roof at ON4PU

I had a lot of antennas but the construction and simplicity to build this one is amazing. Very solid, easy to assembly and everything fits exactly. SWR is flat straight away. Very happy with it. Also very well packed for transportation. 

Tri-band 6 element HF Upper Bands and CB Radio Yagi Antenna 3B-222


Perfect optimized Tri-bander 3B-222 with excellent performance. Covers all three main upper bands. 20 m, 15 m 10 m as well as 11 m all channels. Full range. Uses a common feed line. One cable for all bands.

3-Band antenna uses 2 active elements on lower frequencies and 2+1 elements on 27 - 28 MHz

Perfect optimized Tri-bander with full coverage:

20 m band: 14 MHz - 14.35 MHz

15 m band: 21 MHz - 21.45 MHz

10 m band: 28 MHz - 29.3 MHz

CB Band:

Australia: 27.055 MHz to 27.355 MHz or channels 8-35

Marine radio: 27.68 MHz to 27.98 MHz or channels 68-98

Standard: 26.965 - 27.405 MHz or channels 1-40

Wide coverage: 26.965 - 27.855 MHz or channels 1-80


Excellent setup at IK4WLV

2m EME JT65B Q65 Super Yagi Ultimate G/T PA144-CROSS-24-7BGP IK4WLV

..... always facing the Moon, after a little more than a year of honorable service, I dismantle the 2 x32 M2 antennas to make room for the new array of 4x PA144-XPOL-24-7BGP antennas, much shorter than the previous M2 antennas but really very performing. The new antennas are well made and very robust, Goran YU1CF is always very helpful with explanations and data about the antennas. The assembly of the PA144-XPOL-24-7BGP requires no manual, everything is carefully labelled, so that no parts can be reversed. the first tests have been very positive, I have done very interesting listening to single Yagi stations with power under 500 watts. The SWR measured is on the order of 1:1 across the band and in both polarizations, even with wet antennas the SWR worsens very little...

For more look at:


 Michel F5UMP Antenna System. 2m, 70cm, 23cm:

Antennas on Tower 23cm 70cm and 2m PA1296-36-3BUT and 2xPA144-432-34-6-2CBGP by Michel F5UMP---------------------------

Thomas DO3GE

144-432MHz DualBand Yagi Antenna PA144-432-17-2A at DO3GE

Thank you for your service.

This is my second Antenna from

I ordered my first one PA144-432-17-2A two or three years ago.

And I'm really very happy with the antenna. At that time I could only work portable with a Yagi.

But I think I'll have a lot of fun with this antenna and I am really very satisfied with your antennas.

Once again: Thank you very much for the great service and the great antennas, which I would be happy to recommend.

vy 73 Thomas DO3GE


Mike G3SED antenna system.

The antennas are so simple to assemble because of labelling. I cannot imagine how long it takes you to do all of this!

I have now installed three of your antennas to use...

Mike G3SED



Dirk N4AN

Measuring 2m 100W Band Pass Filter BPF with Rohde & Schwarz Instruments at N4AN

2m 100W Band Pass Filter


70cm 200W BPF

I just got the filters and measured transmissions at 2 frequencies.

The transmissions were very good with a loss of less than .1db .

The blocking was between 49 and 50db close to the claimed value.

Thanks very much


 I installed the filters on my ICOM 9700 and the results are fantastic when in satellite mode :No More desensing and noise on the receiving side, when transmitting.

73 Dirk N4AN


Frank F4AJQ and Thierry F4TTR

Delivered Antennas PA50-7-9BGP PA144-9-5A PA144-14-9BGP PA1296-36-3AUTHD

Merci a YU1CF pour son professionnalisme





Working perfect!

Dual Band Yagi PA144-432-34-6-2CBGP Vertical Polarization Horizontal Stack and- A1296-18-1.5RA at VA7VOC VE7UHS


I am very pleased the quality and workmanship of your antennas. I just assembled 2m antenna in pieces to one antenna. What a great job you have done. So easy and face forward to put all together. Great job! I have duties to do on my profession and i assemble rest of antennas later.

73 Janne OH3NUH


I just want to let you know that I received the antenna yesterday. Thanks for the quick delivery.

Today I unpacked it. It was very well packaged and the quality of the materials seems excellent. My compliments! I will assemble the antenna this weekend.

I will share my experiences with the antenna with you later.

73 Roelof PE5TS


Pleasure to Built new PA5070-13-7BGP

James 2E0OUT installed new antenna PA432-23-6B PA144-11-6BG and PA5070-13-7BGP

All up and ready for the Summer E's and Tropo. The antenna Like all the others are a Pleasure to Build, so easy, and all labelled, so you can not go wrong. 

1st tests made last night on closed Band both 4m / and 6m working fantastic to some skeds made across the UK. 

Looking forward now to the 1st Contests with it. But have no Doubt they will preform just like my PA144-11-6BG and PA432-23-6B antennas, that have giving me Many Wins in the RSGB. UKAC's. 

Thank you

James 2E0OUT England


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