About Us

The "Dual" company has been producing antennas for more than 30 years.
Our focus is on: wide bandwidth, designs that work equally well in all weather
conditions, very low SWR and superior G/T, F/B and F/S ratios across the entire
frequency band, excellent mechanical properties, and uncompromised durability.

We perform the design work using the latest full-3D electromagnetic modelling
software. This enables us to accurately include the influence of the boom, insulators,
baluns, feed point connections, etc, to the level which is impossible to do with legacy
software from NEC and MiniNec families. Our designs are optimised using the Particle
Swarm algorithm, which is considered one of the best global optimization algorithms.
Optimization runs frequently exceed 1 million evaluations.
All Dual antennas are fully tested and backed by the warranty.