80m, 3.5 MHz High power band-pass filter 4kW

  • 80m, 3.5 MHz High power band-pass filter 4kW

80m High power band-pass filter 3.5 - 4 MHz 4kW

High power 80m 3.5 - 4 MHz bandpass filters for BIG GUNS. 80m Band-Pass filter is designed for more power than presented.


Inside filter are High-Q coils.


The recorded data on the assembled filter with HP8753ES full 2-port calibrated are presented below.

4 kW 80m 3.5-4MHz Band-Pass Filter S21 (forward) full range to 30 MHz.



High power BandPass Filter 3.5 - 4MHz Power Derating Chart.



Electrical Specifications 80 meter Band pass Filter
Frequency Range: 3.5 MHz - 4 MHz
Insertion Loss: < 0.12 dB
Input Return Loss Batter Than: -31 dB
Nominal Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Attenuation on Nearest Band: 35 dB - 55 dB
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:1 4000 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:1.5 3500 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:2 3200 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:3 3000 W
Mechanical Specifications
Connectors: SO239 Default or "N", 7/16 DIN by Order*
Filter Size: 455 mm x 220 mm x 135 mm
Fan Power Consumption: +12 V DC, 200 mA**
BandPass Filter Net Weight: 2.8 kg
Mounting: Any position (5 mm hole)
Work Environment: Indoor

*No price difference between SO 239 & "N" connectors

** Fan usage is not required for power below 1500 W.

Filter size measured on longest side without fan.


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