2m 144 MHz XPOL EME Low Noise Antenna at F1TTN

  • 2m 144 MHz XPOL EME Low Noise Antenna at F1TTN

144MHz XPOL EME Low Noise Antenna PA144-XPOL-16-4.5 at F1TTN

2m 144MHz XPOL EME Low-Noise-Antenna PA144-XPOL-16-4.5 F1TTN Laurent
Hi Goran,

The couple of your antennas are now installed.
Great job, in 3 days 16 QSO EME on 2m with good signals, only 400 W but enough to play !
The antennas are at 2.5m over ground only.

73 F1TTN Laurent JN25RO

Excellent low noise Yagi antenna PA144-XPOL-16-4.5. Dipoles view.

2m Checked baggage EME antenna PA144-XPOL-16-4.5 low noise

Horizontal Polarization PA144-XPOL-16-4.5 Antenna Azimuth Radiation Pattern

Horizontal Polarization Antenna Azimuth Radiation Pattern 13.47dBi PA144-XPOL-16-4.5


Some news of the couple antenna  PA144-XPOL-16-4.5 :
Now i made 60 initials with 25 countries !
Lot a fun with the short system.

Best 73, F1TTN Laurent.

I wish you an happy new year 2019.
Report after 6 months with the couple of PA144-XPOL-16-4.5:
Number of initials RX : 234 !
QSO INIT : 86 ! 37 %
Country : 30
Locator : 74

Best 73 Laurent F1TTN
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