160m High power band-pass filter 4kW

  • 160m High power band-pass filter 4kW

160m High power band-pass filter 4kW

High power 160m 1.8-2MHz bandpass filters for BIG GUNS. Band-Pass filters calculated for more power then presented.

Here is bandpass filter specificly projected for 1.8MHz to 2MHz frequency range that can withstand 4kW linear amplifier . This filter is projected for all international 160m frequencies ITU Region 1 1.810MHz-1850MHz, ITU Region 2 1800MHz-2000MHz and ITU Region 3 1800MHz-2000MHz.

High power 4kW filter works from 1.8MHz to 2MHz.

Its external appearance is shown in the following figure:


Intertion loss of main (1st) harmonic is less then 0.12dB and it is from 1.8Mhz up to 2MHz, second harmonic is suppressed for more then 40dB! Images from the network analyzer are shown in the next section. All measurements on assembled filter were done with HP8753ES full 2-port calibration. This graph represents insertion loss - S21 from 1 MHz to 4 MHz.


Full HF frequency span is presented in next picture. Insertion Loss (S21) is from 1 MHz to 30 MHz.


Once, you have band pass filter after linear amplifier, well designed and reliable, you will forget about all the problems with interferences between the bands and strong harmonics.

Electrical specifications of 160m High Power band pass filter 4kW:
Frequency Range: 1.8 - 2 MHz
Insertion Loss: 0.15 dB
Input return loss better then - 28 dB
Attenuation on nearest band: 35 - 55 dB
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:1 4000 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:1.5 3200 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:2 2800 W
Maximum Power Input at SWR 1:3 2000 W
Connectors: SO239 or "N"

Box dimension size is 450 mm x 220 mm x 135 mm and it is presented in next picture:


High power BandPass Filter 1.8MHz Power Derating Chart.


Short history about 160m communication.

The 160 meter band is the oldest amateur band and was the staple of reliable communication in the earliest days of amateur radio, when almost all communications were over relatively short distances. The band was allocated on a worldwide basis by the International Radiotelegraph Conference. Since time of inception 160 meter frequency had many obstacles and threats from commercial and military spectrum users, the efforts of a small number of determined 160 meter operators enabled the band to survive. In the UK it was the primary band for mobile operation for many years. The band experienced a rebirth with the demise of LORAN-A in the United States in December, 1980 and the removal of power restrictions below 1900 kHz soon thereafter. Power restrictions above 1900 kHz were removed in March 1984. 160 meters was then no longer regarded as the "orphan" band as it had been for more than half a century.

Our HF Bandpass filters change everything.

These famous filters have bandpass filter design that has low insertion loss and low SWR across an entire band to which it is designed with emphasis placed on maximum possible rejection of second harmonic energy. Our filters are carefully projected to fit approved frequency range. Improving filters and making them better was always our passion. If we notice place where they can be improved we go for it. Fine engineering can be noticed and our products usually exceed our competitors by more then a few things. Each HF bandpass filter is handmade and configured to match the desired characteristics, also before each package the filters are checked again just in case to ensure maximum quality.

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