PA144-14-9 Super Yagi Antennas at G4BWP

PA144-14-9 Super Yagi  Antennas at G4BWP
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PA144-14-9 Super Yagi antennas at G4BWP


PA144-14-9-Super Yagi antennas-at-G4BWP

These two 14ele 2m beams from Antenna-Amplifiers work very well.  The antennas were well packed for shipping and were very easy to assemble from the very clear instructions
I was able to help my local Club, the Cambs-Hams, win the 2m section of the annual RSGB Clubs Super-league for 2016-17, as well as the overall Super-league.  My QTH is very average for VHF but my ODX was 800+km

PA144-14-9-Super Yagi antennas-at-G4BWP-Erected-Tower

73 Fred G4BWP
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