XPOL Antenna Phase Calculator

XPOL Antenna Phase Calculator
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XPOL Antenna Phase Calculator

Antenna PA144-XPOL-28-9 XPOL Configuration:


Distance Between Dipoles: 205 mm

Deg: 35.47°
Cable for "Left" Dipole: Your prefered length
Cable for "Right" Dipole: Your prefered length +35.47°
-LMR-600-LLPL cable with velocity factor of 0.76
Cut your prefered length for "Left" antenna". For example 5000 mm.
For "Right" antenna then you will need: 205mm x 0.76=155.8mm longer cable. 
"Right" antenna length is 5155.8mm.

On that way, on the very end of both cables you should have same phase for polarization switch.


XPOL-Antenna-how-to calculate

Above table will produce next phases:


Excel XPOL calculator for different cables:

Presented here is just on another way explained this page:

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